Carbon County stands to save about $115,240 in each of three years by hiring a Florida company to supply the prison with meals.

The county Prison Board on Thursday chose Trinity Services Group, Inc., Oldsmar, Florida, which bid a total of $843,776 for the contract.

Other bidders were Aramark/BDS/Sales, Philadelphia, bid $1,124,554; A'viands LLC, Roseville, Minnesota, bid $1,205,512; and the Nutrition Group, Irwin, Westmoreland County, bid $1,394,208.

Currently, the meals are provided by the county.

"This will save us a considerable amount," county Controller Robert Crampsie said.

Commissioner William O'Gurek said Crampsie analyzed the costs based on 206,000 meals a year. The analysis showed the county now pays $134,373 for labor and $253,817 for food, for a total cost of $388,190, or $1.884 per meal.

Trinity's bid was $1.325 per meal.

So, the cost of providing 206,000 meals per year would drop from the current $388,190 to $272,950.

The labor costs include salaries and benefits for two full time/full-time and one part-time cook, plus incidental costs.

Commissioners opened the bids on May 16.

The company will begin supplying the meals after meeting with county officials and visiting the prison to see staffing and equipment. Trinity will have the final say in staffing matter, said Warden Joseph Gross.