Wheelbarrow races, water balloon fights, Rita's Italian Ice and gifts of cool, new sunglasses for everyone made Field Day a good day to be a student at SS. Peter and Paul's Catholic School in Lehighton.

The event is an end of the year celebration that took place on May 22 at the Lehighton soccer field where preschool through eighth grade enjoyed the sunny day outside.

Sherry Sernak, the school's principal, said the day allows students to get out their excess energy before they begin to prepare for upcoming exams.

Sernak was told by one father that his child had been so excited for field day, the student had been unable to sleep the night before.

Another parent, Tracey Delpero said "It's a great event to finish up the end of the year."

Students were given custom T-shirts to wear during field day. The shirts were designed by seventh grader, Jasmine Mooney, as part of the school's annual T-shirt contest. Mooney's design featured different sports equipment and the words "Field Day 2013" inside a ring of flower petals. This is Mooney's second year winning the contest.

The children participated in a variety of activities including volleyball, wheelbarrow races, and an original game called "Messy Rooms" that was created by the school's teachers. The students played on teams divided by grades or in small, mixed groups. The games could get slightly competitive even though the students are playing against their friends, said Mooney.

Physical education teacher Ted Pogo was responsible for planning the activities and said that the classes practice the games during their gym time. There were over 25 different activities, but the clear favorites were the water balloon fight and the obstacle course.

Third grader, Cecilia Saronwski played a game called "Spiders" with her friends Lydia Gowni, fourth grade, and Brynn Hanley, third grade, underneath a system of robes meant to resemble a spiderweb.

"We get in the net and pretend we are spiders," said Saronwski, who added that she thinks the day is fun and always looks forward to the surprise they are given by the principal.

This year's surprise: a pair of sunglasses for each student and Rita's Italian Ice perfect treats for a hot, sunny day.