One of the smallest voter turnouts in recent years was experienced in the Municipal Primary Election held in Schuylkill County Tuesday.

Only a total of 19,859 of the registered Republican and Democratic voters turned out, or 26.27 percent of the registered voters. Election Director Frannie Brennan based the poor turnout on lack of major contests and also the unusual heat that hit the county with thermometers registering in the high 80's.

The only contests county-wide were for the offices of sheriff and district attorney and none of the candidates had opposition.

The Republican candidates are the challengers. Patrick M. Reynods, of of Bramchdale, Branch Township, won the Republican nomination for sheriff garnering 8,094 votes and Attorney Christine A. Holman, of Barnesville, won the Republican nomination for district attorney with 8,668 votes. They will oppose the Democratic nominees in the general election next Nov. 5.

The two office-holders of sheriff and district attorney were iunopposed on the Democratic ballot.

Sheriff Joseph G. Groody, Ashland, seeking his second full term, received 7,809 votes and District Attorney Karen Byrnes Noon, also of Ashland, seeking her first full term because she was appointed district attorney two years ago when James P. Goodman resigned to become a member of the Schuylkill County Court of Common Pleas, received 7,505 votes.