Seasoned athletes kept their eyes on the balls Monday afternoon in the Carbon County Senior Games ping pong battle.

The ping pong challenges took place Monday afternoon at the Lehighton Recreation Center.

The South Team, composed of senior citizens from Lehighton and Palmerton, again dominated the North Team, composed of Panther Valley, Jim Thorpe/Penn Kidder, and Weatherly.

At the close of the ping pong games, the top total scorer thus far was Lehighton, with 412 points, followed by Jim Thorpe with 215, then Panther Valley with 126, Palmerton with 88, and Weatherly with 6

The individual results for ping pong were:

Men 60-64: Riick Zern, Lehighton, gold; James Ketchledge, Lehighton, silver; and Larry Klotz, Lehighton, bronze.

Men 65-69: Charlie Parsons, Jim Thorpe, gold; Lee Getz, Lehighton, silver; and Ray Berger, Palmerton, bronze.

Men 70-74: Ed Bailey, Jim Thorpe, gold; Ed Pienkosz, Panther Valley, silver; and Robert Sluck, Jim Thorpe, bronze.

Men 75-79: Lenny Bishop, Lehighton, gold; Ron Bowman, Lehighton, silver; and there were no other competitors.

Men 80-84: Howard Farber, Jim Thorpe, gold; Richard Ockenhouse, Jim Thorpe, silver; and Charlie Messina, Lehighton, bronze.

Men 85+: Jim Anawalt, Lehighton, gold; Tom Wehr, Lehighton, silver; and Angelo Cannarella, Palmerton, bronze.

Women 60-64: LaRae Hlavaty, Lehighton, gold; Linda Daubenspeck, Lehighton, silver; and Kathy Getz, Lehighton, bronze.

Women 65-69: Marylou Sherel, Jim Thorpe, gold; Sharon DeWald, Jim Thorpe, silver; and Nancy Bollinger, Palmerton, bronze.

Women 70-74: Dawn Sheckler, Jim Thorpe, gold; Linda Bottcher, Lehighton, silver; and Joanne Dantonio, Jim Thorpe, bronze..

Women 75-79: Wanda McNichol, Jim Thorpe, gold; Barbara Klass, Lehighton, silver; and Louise Bishop, Lehighton, bronze..

Women 80-84: Mary Pituch, Panther Valley, gold; Sue Dopira, Panther Valley, silver; and Nancy McGinley, Jim Thorpe, bronze.

Women 85+: Helen Neifert, Panther Valley, gold; Jodee Cutola, Lehighton, silver; and no other competitors.