After proving that if you set your mind down to it you can accomplish almost anything, Susan Nothstein of Mahoning Township received a "sweet reward" for succeeding in a major life-altering move on her part.

After experiencing breathing difficulties, she visited St. Luke's Urgent Care in Jim Thorpe where she met and was treated by Dr. Ernest Sully.

In response to Dr. Sully's query of "do you smoke ?" Susan replied "yup", to which he said "well there's your problem quit smoking".

The doctor made a deal with her that if she quit smoking by that Thursday, he would buy her an ice cream.

After being told to quit smoking, Susan agreed and said that rather then using aids such as patches, she would do it herself.

Well she did it, quitting that very night well over one month ago whereupon her daughter Julie Willet called Dr. Sully and gave him the news.

Being a man of his words, Dr. Sully kept his end of the deal and told Julie you've got to bring her up here for her ice cream.

He had Susan stop by for her ice cream reward for which she chose a Pineapple Sundae.

In an added bonus, not only is Susan's daughter very proud of her, now Susan's sister has quit smoking also.

Dr. Sully gives Susan all the credit for making the decision to quit and then sticking with that decision

He noted that among the immediate effects of quitting smoking was the fact that within eight hours of stopping, your body already starts clearing out some of the toxins that smoking left behind.

Carbon monoxide and oxygen saturation levels begin to return to normal levels and after about two weeks, most of the nicotine works its way out of your system.

The first two weeks are the hardest but after that, your chances of success are very high

He added that after you quit smoking for a year your likelihood of developing heart disease and lung problems goes down by about half of what it would have been if you had continued smoking.