Instead of wishing for toys or clothing for herself, an 8-year-old Lehighton girl wished to help the animals.

So at her eighth birthday party on March 24, Makayla Sabatino, received gifts for the dog and cat shelter. Her actual date of her birthday was March 28.

Makayla's party was held at Mountain Karate Academy's studio in Lehighton, which is family-owned, and 41 of her friends brought cat and dog treats and food for the animals instead of choosing a toy or clothing for her.

"I think this is pretty remarkable that a girl her age would think of the animals," said her grandmother Sharyl Maglionico.

The party was run by her uncle Master Paul Maglionico and her grandfather, Master Rich Maglionico.

Her grandmother assisted by contacting the local cat and dog shelters which gave her a list of things they needed.

Makayla is the daughter of Leah and Donato Sabatino and she is a second grade student at Franklin Elementary School.

Her mom said "We have never been so proud of Makayla. It was her idea not to receive birthday gifts for herself so she could help the animals who are in need."