A Blakesee resident, scheduled to enter a guilty plea in Carbon County court on Tuesday afternoon to driving under the influence (DUI), came to court under the influence.

Raymond Matthew Dotter, 50, appeared to enter his plea before Judge Steven R. Serfass. Prior to court beginning, and while Dotter was checking in with court personnel, sheriff deputies detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from Dotter.

Assistant District Attorney William McDonald then requested the adult probation office to give Dotter a breath test. The result was .16BAC.

Dotter then appeared before Serfass who heard testimony from the probation staff concerning the breath test results.

Serfass then revoked Dotter's unsecured bail because he violated one of the conditions, consuming alcohol. Serfass then set bail at $2,500 straight cash which Dotter could not pay.

Serfass then ordered Dotter to the custody of the sheriff deputies and he was placed in the county prison. A new guilty plea date will be set.