Dear Editor:

I am glad to see your article in the paper today (March 15). The county commissioners need to know there are many other ways to keep these program viable.

I would like to present another victim of this action. My wife runs the recycling program at the Panther Valley School District.

This proram is a national award winning program that the students and faculty have supported greatly. Most recently they have been awarded a national award by the Nestle company. Next month there will be an award presentation that will be covered by numerous media including the Times News.

Govenor Corbett, both state senators, county commishioners, state and national members of Congress in addition to all local government officials have been invited.

Now why is this sad?

Carbon County was the agency that picked up and recycled all the paper from the schools. Therefore, when this national award is presented, with all the officials preesent, they will then know that the program has been cancelled. Much effort and time was expended to get the students and faculty involved. Not to mention the additional cost to landfill thios product. Once the recycling is stopped it will next to impossible to reserect the activity. The same goes with the general public. The commissioners' action is best decsribed as penny wise and pound foolish.

Rich Tower