A New Ringgold couple has filed a civil action in Schuylkill County court against a son and daughter-in-law over a property dispute.

The action was started by Robert C. and Andrea R. Dunn, of 63 Peach Drive, New Ringgold. Named defendants are Steven C. and Valarie Dunn and Dunn's Farm Market, LLC, 59 Peach Drive, New Ringgold.

The suit claims Robert C. and Andrea R. Dunn are still owners of the property at 59 Peach Drive. They claim beginning of 1990 the permitted Steve and Valerie Dunn to build a house on the land and open a farm business without paying rent or any other monies. The parents claim they paid the property taxes throughout their son's residency and allowed their son to use certain farm equipment that they owned for their son's business purposes without any payment of rent.

They also permitted their son to harvest fruit from their apple and peach trees that they planted for their son's business and also paid $30,000 towards the construction of the home in which their son was permitted to live.

The suit also claims the father contributed his own time and labor towards construction of the home. The parents now claim their son and daughter-in-law have been unable to exist with them which includes violence from the son towards the parents.

The suit claims the parents on Jan. 10, asked the son and daughter-in-law to move from the premises but they have failed to do so and now the parents are asking the court to order them to vacate the premises and pay damages in excess of $50,000.