A rap music video "Chevy," filmed Saturday by a group of New York natives, will showcase the town of Tamaqua and several local collector cars chosen for the production.

The fast-moving video explores the love of classic vehicles, interpreted through dance and lyrics of rap. It differs from typical rap music in that it avoids foul language, and instead provides a form of entertainment that can be viewed by families and fans of all ages.

The production was shot on location, directed by Joshua Ramirez of JackNine Films, for Great Records Worldwide.

Great Records Worldwide was launched in 2006 in Los Angeles, California, by artist Nate Mitchell, aka Nate the Great.

Mitchell's goal is to is to not only run a record label, record music and market and promote artists, but to provide business sense for each artist to run their own company. The ultimate goal is to offer services to the world from photography, graphic designs and promotion to videography and social networking. The vision is to be a one-stop shop company for the artist.

"We're enjoying Pennsylvania," said Mitchell, a USMC veteran who has a base of operations in Tobyhanna.

The crew was pleasantly surprised by what Tamaqua had to offer. They selected the Schuylkill County town for filming after a recommendation by resident Kathleen Quinn-Farber.

"They came to Tamaqua three weeks ago and I drove them around. They were impressed with our landmarks," said Quinn-Farber.

Quinn-Farber had interacted with some of the crew members through participation in a movie currently in production in the Tamaqua area, "Within the Woods of Undead County," a zombie-related horror film.

Farber was introduced to the crew by Tamaqua's Justin Stephens, of Lavendar Lady FX, contributor to the zombie film.

"It was all part of networking," said Quinn-Farber.

Principals in the "Chevy" rap video, in addition to Mitchell, include Tommy Castle, Kamish Jones, Ashley Johnson and Brianna Kresge.

The video will feature several local classic vehicles: a 1984 Hurst-Olds, 1971 Camaro, and 1971 Ford F100, owned by Ron Zeigler of Zeigler's Auto Repair and Towing, Tamaqua.

Also showcased will be a 1973 Chevy Nova SS hatchback owned by Scott Nahf, Tamaqua; and a 1989 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance owned by Donald Serfass, Tamaqua.

Filming was done at the site of the former Genetti Shopping Center, along with the train station, and the iron steps near St. Jerome's Church and Cottage Avenue.

The crew filmed in Tamaqua all day for what will ultimately be a 3-minute music video.

In addition, driving sequences were shot from inside the Cadillac as it traveled through the middle ward along Pine and Railroad streets.

Other projects by the crew include the Nate the Great and Tommy Castle single "Back Against the Wall," and "Brooklyn," shot in Brooklyn, NY, in December, 2012.