Graduation was held for the fifth graders at Panther Valley Elementary School. The commentator was principal Mary Figura.

The PTO awarded trophies to the Spelling Bee winners in fifth grade. They are Brandon Stilitino, first place; Jenna Dubosky, second place, and Claire Kokinda, third place.

Straight A's in all six subjects for all four marking periods went to Riley Distler, Jessica Markovich, Audrey Rehnert, Matthew Santore, Falon Smith, Chuckie Byers, Erik Marcharro, Devyon Kniese, Blake Morgans, Megan Pascoe, Brandon Stilitino, Colin Eidle, Aariana Huttie, Caleb Knepper, Claire Kokinda, Mason Malloy, Deana Founds and Justin Juracka.

Presidents Award for educational excellence with a cumulative grade point average of 90 or above in all six major subjects were awarded to Taylor Davis, Riley Distler, Katherine Fous, Richard Goldberg, Dylan Kurtz, Paige Livengood.

Jessica Markovich, Jan Mertz, Nathan Ragin, Audrey Rehnert, Ethan Reis, Matthew Santore, Falon Smith, Kyle Stauffer, Angel Stilitino, Damian Strausberger, Celeste Weiser.

Chrystiana Brettle, Chuckie Byers, Alivia Green, Noah Hess, Emir Justiniani, Devyon Kniese, Erick Marchorro, Blake Morgans, Jocelyn Muffley, Molly O'Connell, Abigail Oplinger, Megan Pascoe, Brandon Stilitino, Elias Tavares, Meghan Boyle.

Mark Clewell, Olivia Dacey, Jenna Duboksy, Cassidy Englert, Thomas Greco, Hailey Harvilla, Lyddia Malaska, Michael Mikowich, Autumn Mumich, Troy Refsnider, Josh Robin, Jacob Taras, Callie Werkheiser, Collin Eidle, Mark Hrebik, Aariana Huttie.

Caleb Knepper, Claire Kokinda, Bryan Krapf, Mason Malloy, Cole McLaughlin, Ariana Misretta, Philip Shelton, Sage Alvarado, Jose Baez, Alexandria Doerr-Pugh, Faith Drumbore, Deana Founds, Katrina Horvath, Keith Hydro, Justin Juracka, Joshua Kauffman, Tyler Lewis, Dade Schoenberger, Alena Vogt, Blake White, and Shyan Zavitsky.

Recognizing one student from each room who has shown outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment and intellectual development in the academic areas were Shawn Hoben, Taylor Cichon, Rebecca Miller, Kristiana Mistretta, and Theresa Muniz.

May Students of the month were Matthew Santore, Taylor Cichon, Jacob Taras, Collin Eidle and Faith Drumbore.

The Good Citizenship Award ended the graduation.