When Carbon Career and Technical Institute, Jim Thorpe, needed more space for computer labs, they found some space by downsizing the library in the Media Center.

"Our library wasn't being heavily utilized by the students, but our computers are always in use," said Kim Bittle, Keystone Preparation instructor. "The kids were only taking out a few books a year."

Bittle said that by downsizing the library, we created more space for computers.

"We didn't eliminate the library," she noted. "We downsized it."

She then sought to donate the books to other libraries.

"I checked with the new Penn-Kidder Library, but they have stopped taking donations," said Bittle. "I then checked with the Dimmick Library and Panther Valley Public Library. Both were receptive to taking books."

Bittle said that the new computer lab space will be heavily utilized by the students.

"Our students do a lot of reading on the computers," she said.

Assisting Bittle with packing books were Avery Weber, Jeremiah Scott and Thomas Smith.

The students cleared the shelves and packed the books in boxes.

"We wanted to support our sending school districts," said Bittle.