It's hot and humid. You're tired, worried about making the rent, and the baby just will not stop crying.

Because babies are unable to form words, a cry is their only way to tell you if they are in pain, or hungry, or uncomfortable or frightened. Yelling at your baby or hitting her will only make her cry harder, and never let your anger and frustration lead you to shake a baby. Shaking can cause serious injuries or even kill a baby.

If your baby is still crying after you've offered food, burped her, changed her diaper, made sure her clothing isn't too tight or that she's not too hot or too cold, Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania suggests trying these remedies:

Ÿ Pick up your baby and hold close to you; hum, sing or shush your baby.

Ÿ Swaddle (wrap) your baby tightly in a blanket, but not too tightly, or for too long a time. Loosen the blanket after she calms down.

Ÿ Play white noise (for example, a radio or TV static, fan, vacuum) as loud as baby's cry.

Ÿ Rock her gently or use a baby swing.

Ÿ Offer baby something to suck (breast, finger, pacifier). If the crying is getting on your nerves, PCAP advises, it's OK to swaddle and place your baby face up in the crib, turn on strong white noise, and walk away for five to 10 minutes. Find someone to talk to. Calm down. Then check on your baby.