Published poets for life.

That's the prestige a small collection of Palmerton Area Junior High School students can stake claim to thanks to their poetic talents.

Five published poets from English Arts instructor Patti Jo Boyd's class read their poetry to the school board at a workshop meeting on Tuesday.

Boyd said the study of poetry is one component of the eighth grade English Arts curriculum.

She said the students became familiar with poets such as Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, and Lewis Carroll. In addition, Boyd said they analyzed and interpreted The Raven, The Tell Tale Heart, The Road Not Taken, and Jabberwocky.

Boyd said the students learn about rhyme and rhythm; work on improving voice, volume, tone, and expression; recognize the use of using figurative language while writing; and are able to recognize rhyming patterns/schemes.

They also focus on a poet's interest, as well as the similarities and differences in a poets' writing, and they study how the author connects with his/her audience, she said.

"I tell them, poetry is similar to song writing," Boyd said. "Open your heart, express your feelings, remember a joyful, exciting, sad, or difficult time"

Through the Anthology of Poetry, Boyd said she asked the students to write a poem, and she would submit them for publication.

In the end, she said many students received a congratulatory letter from the company.

Boyd heaped praise on the students and their works.

"This is a wonderful group to teach," Boyd said. "This year's Anthology of Poetry really stands out."

Students who read their poetry were Nick Lobach, Karianne Ruch, Joey Suto, Jesse Ruch, and Brandon Nelson. Student Allie Dugan was unable to attend.

Lobach's poem was entitled "Divorce"; Karianne Ruch's was "There's Always Hope"; Sutto's was "The Football Game", Jesse Ruch's was "The Perfect Pair", and Nelson's was "The American Soldier". Dugan's poem was about music.

Afterward, Boyd thanked the board for allowing the students to read their poetry to them. The board reciprocated their appreciation to Boyd and the students.

Earlier in the evening, the board held a special meeting, at which time it approved, on an 8-0 vote, with Director Barry Scherer absent:

Ÿ Jonathan McCabe, Troy Rocco, Michael Blichar, Steven Kelhart, Corey Bonner Carver, and Robert Cordery as summer employees at the rate of $7.25 an hour, effective June 17-Aug. 24, 2013.

Ÿ The first reading of Policy No. 802, School Organization.