Dear Editor:

T'was the Day after Christmas

And the end of the pranks

Of the secrets-surprises

And we'll all given thanks.

For the gifts now delivered

By old Santa Claus

Yes, the turkey-great stuffing

And cranberry sauce.

The Kielbasi-Kolachy

And Heaven's Delight

Plus the Bollo we toasted

When friends said "Goodnight."Waking up in the morning

Brought on a slight pain

And we silently promised

"Not Ever Again."

THEN ...

'Neath the tree, in the village

At a tiny lamp post

Stood an unopened card

With the gift needed most.

For what did he hide there?

(That Jolly Old Codger)

OOH! A Gift Membership

To become a "Weight Watcher."

Jacque Patrick - Tamaqua