Carbon County has been awarded $9,303.00 by the State Set-Aside Committee. There is an administrative allowance of $186. This leaves $9,117.00 for food, shelter and utility funds providing such services in Carbon County.

The EFSP funding is open to all organizations helping hungry and homeless people. EFSP funds must be used to supplement feeding, sheltering (including transitional sheltering) and rent/mortgage and utility assistance efforts only.

Each agency has five business days to respond to this notice to apply for these funds from the United States Department of Homeland Security from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Letters requesting funds must be received by Wednesday, Jan. 16. Send the request for EFSP funds to Stanley P. Haupt, contact person for the local board, Shepherd House, Inc., 1067 Main Road, Lehighton, PA 18235-9066.

Telephone (610) 377-6048, or fax (610) 379-5675; email [1].

The local board will meet on Friday, Jan. 25. The meeting time is 9:30 a.m. It will meet in the conference room at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church, 175 South Third Street, Lehighton.

This local board acknowledges that these funds are provided by the Department of Homeland Security to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. All grant agreement articles, state set-aside committees, local boards, and all local recipient organizations are sub-recipients of these restricted grant funds.