Dear Editor:

I am writing in reference to the article about the Carbon County Commissioners.

For years, Bill O'Gurek ran the Commissioners office based on his own opinion, and by his own rules. He excluded Commissioner Nothstein from many meetings and decisions, explaining he had the majority with Commissioner Getz's vote and didn't need to include him.

I heard this directly from Bill O'Gurek's mouth while under oath at a hearing at the Carbon County Courthouse. I was in the first row. I am quite amazed. I did hear the rumor Charlie would run again and resign so Bill could step back in. However, I am not sure why they put O'Gurek back in. Even the Democrats didn't vote for him. He didn't even win 2nd place in the election.

I am extremely pleased we now have good, honest men in majority at the Commissioner's Office who are willing to work together with both parties. Commissioner Nothstein and Commissioner Gerhard aren't afraid to stand up for the people in Carbon County, they aren't afraid to go out and do manual labor to help organizations. Commissioners Nothstein and Gerhard are a breath of fresh air and have renewed my faith in the Carbon County Commissioners Office. You see them out there among the Carbon County activities working along with the residents helping with many activities. They are real people who care about this county. By the way, I am a Democrat ... but I will vote for them again.

Thank you for listening ...

Kathleen L Serfass