Tamaqua Middle School students are leaving their mark on their alma mater.

"This class will be the only class to have a permanent art display at the school," said Kim Woodward, Tamaqua middle school art teacher. "These two projects were a culmination of over two years of dedication, talent and work."

The artwork, separated into three sections, consists of hundreds of 4-inch by 4-inch ceramic and canvas drawings done by every student of the class of 2017.

The display, permanently mounted along the southern corridor of the school, consists of two types of art. The first type involved students painting their interpretation of Amish-style patterns on 4-inch by 4-inch ceramic tiles. The second involved the students painting miniature replicas of true and nationally-recognized artwork onto 4-inch by 4-inch sized canvases.

Woodward expressed her appreciation to the Tamaqua Blue Raider Foundation, which provided her with the funds for the canvas via teacher grants.

"The students put a lot of time into this," added Woodward. "For the replica part of the project, some students even used toothpicks and fine hairs to reach the detail they wanted."

In addition, Woodward is working with all her students, in preparation of re-painting an old mural located along the Lafayette Street hill in Tamaqua.

"We have been spending the last year researching, planning and practicing for the actual event," said Woodward.