As a Hazelton contractor's final payment application laid before the board at West Penn Township last evening, supervisors discussed mis-communication issues of the Berry Road Bridge project that unnecessarily cost taxpayers $14,700.

The design plans for the project were not carried out as they were supposed to be, according to the board, which resulted in a bridge being built that didn't meet code. By the time the engineer inspected it, the missteps were already made that cost taxpayers the extra money.

Supervisor James Dean and Vice Chairman James Akins called for better communication between contractor, engineers and the board in the future to avoid unnecessary spending, but try to resolve the issue this time, the board said it will request that the contractor cover the fees because of what the board claims was contractor's fault.

The board then approved the final payment of $24,940 or a reduced rate, depending on how discussions with the contractor go. In the end, even with the extra costs, the project came in $110,000 under budget, totaling about $262,000.

Next, the board reviewed quotes to purchase plastic pipe for upcoming road projects. A bid from Chemung Supply Corporation for $14,809.86 was accepted.

Lastly, the board welcomed Ted Bogosh as assistant road master, and Troy Shellhammer was also appointed as an alternate for the zoning hearing board.

The next West Penn Township board of supervisors meeting will be on Monday, Mar. 4 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building.