Dear Editor:

Our State Rep. Doyle Heffley and State Senators David Argall and John Yudichak should vote NO regarding any privatization action by Gov. Tom Corbett regarding privatization of our state liquor stores.

No good can come from such a move by the governor.

Too many small business owners of beer outlets will be harmed by such a move and they will not be able to afford the high cost of a license to sell liquor.

Every town in Pennsylvania has at least one or more outlets and that is a lot of small businesses that will be affected. Each one has several employees as well. Soon you will have several thousand people out of a job. Oh yea, they can get a job at the big box stores and work for a meager salary without benefits.

Licenses would be given to the likes of big box type stores with deep pockets of money, such as Walmart, Giant, Weis, and others. Big campaign contributors, action follows the money.

What a laugh when the governor said the money will be going to education. Just what we were told about the casino money and property taxes. Look what that got us, a little under $200 a year off our property taxes.

George White