Dear Editor:

Thank you Mr. Urban for the the paragraphs about Stan Musial in last Saturday's column.

He was my favorite Cardinal growing up. I only got to see him on TV during his final years. My Dad listened to his exploits and the Cardinals on the radio during Stan's greatest years. That love of the Cardinals was something that Dad and I shared. Dad was part of the small but loyal band of Carbon County fans that were part of Cardinal's Nation. I, too, remember a Sunday game at the Polo Grounds when Stan excelled. Of course, my memory was of a game against the Mets not the Giants. We listened on the radio and I remember Stan hitting a record number of home runs. Only recently, thanks to the Internet, did I find that he hit a HR in his last at bat in Saturday's game and three more on Sunday before leaving the game in the 8th.

Stan Musial is usually ignored when baseball fans are naming the greatest players of all time. Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and others that played primarily in New York are named first. Playing in the westernmost city of the 1940's and most of the 1950's big leagues didn't help Stan's fame. Only true baseball aficionados remember him as one of baseball's greats.

Thank you again for your remembrances of Stan Musial.

Bob Stribula [1]