Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Mr. Wittig and the Tamaqua Area School Board for their pursuit of the idea of arming the teachers or other school employees. If feel this is the best option for our students.

Some schools are opting to hire armed guards, but I feel there are several problems with that idea. the presence of armed guards would be a constant reminder of the tragic events of school shootings. A guard would need to have his hand on his gun at all times and would not be able to communicate with the students because of his need to focus on the surroundings. A guard can be overtaken and killed before being detected. About all the students don't need the added stress of remembering why the guard is there.

Take note that the school where the Obama children have approximately 10 armed guards. Our students are just as important as their children and need to be protected. Having teachers or school employees discretely armed with give them the needed protection without a visible reminder.


Sean Hegarty,