Jayne Kuehner of Kunkletown is walking on a cloud.

Kuehner, 17, a junior at Pleasant Valley High School, had a dream come true when she had her first book of poetry printed.

"Open Your Eyes" is a softcover 34-page self-printed book. It contains 32 of her poems that lay bare much of her soul.

The book came about after she had entered a poetry contest and was a semi-finalist. She learned about getting her work published.

The book, a publication of Eber & Wein Publishing, Shrewsbury, York Couny, was released on Nov. 26. A box containing 10 books arrived at the Kuehner home on Dec. 6.

"I was ready to cry. I jumped up and down. I was so happy to have my work published in its own book. It made me feel successful and accomplished. You don't often hear of high school kids doing something like this," she says.

"Some of my teachers bought a copy and the school library bought one for students to check out," she says proudly.

Her poetry is about things that teenagers can relate to, like siblings, love, break-ups, school, home life, fighting and bullying. Some of it is from her imagination.

Jayne helped launch the new Young Voices feature in the TIMES NEWS with her poem, "Life is like the Weather" and two more have appeared since.

Besides poetry, she writes songs and fiction as well.

"I can be walking to class and get a thought. As soon as I get to my desk, I have to write it down," she said.

When she isn't playing with her pet hamsters, cat, fish, parakeet and Cloe, a chinchilla, she enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her boyfriend, and talking to her friends on the computer.

She loves drawing, too. When she was in eighth grade she had two of her drawings chosen to be printed in the 306-page book titled "PA Wildlife Journal Birds & Mammals" by Kim J. Young in cooperation with the York County Conservation District.

But her passion is writing and she wants to be a professional writer.

Her parents, Paul and Michelle Kuehner, and her younger sister, Nicole, obviously are very proud of Jayne.

"I think she's so talented," says Michelle.

The book is available on Amazon.com.

Here is a portion of the poem that was the basis for the title of Jayne's book:

"Open Your Eyes"

Sometimes I just lay in the grass,

And look up at the sky,

The grass is green, the sky is blue,

But what's the reason why?

If you can't just realize,

Then open your eyes.