Every little girl dreams of being a princess. As little girls we play acted wearing our mothers' dresses and high heels, cutting out paper tiaras to wear as crowns.

As we grow older and become working wives and mothers, women learn to wear many hats, but never a tiara anymore.

Four women at Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church in Brodheadsville created a new program to help make some women feel like a princess again. They called it a Princess Tea.

"It's important to remember to take a little time out for ourselves and celebrate with all the other amazing women in our lives, especially during this very busy season," says Trish Wartluft, one of the organizers.

The women wore tiaras, were treated to lunch and were entertained by two skits "The Apron Pockets" by Wartluft and "2 Hours of Traveling to the Princess Tea" by Wartluft and the other three organizers of the event, Dawn Blazier, Ann Campbell and Janet Altemus.

"Our aim was for all the women of our church to meet together once to determine our purpose and direction. Then small groups of approximately four or five will be created so that women can come together, in homes or at church, to get to know, respect, support and encourage each other in their daily lives. As you know, each day is a challenge. This is somewhere to start and feel safe and loved as friendships are created and nurtured," said Wartluft.

"Also, it will be a group that honors Jesus Christ first. Our aim is for these groups to multiply, to welcome and help women to feel connected and loved in our church. In other words, 'A circle of friends ... a small group of women who love, support and respect each other. Who invite Jesus in all they do. Growing and deepening their relationship with Christ while honoring who God made them to be," Wartluft added.

The ladies left the event feeling every inch a princess.

"We feel that it was well received and attended and we had a wonderful time. We plan for this to be an annual event with different themes each year," Wartluft says.

Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church is located at 150 Pilgrim Way, just off Route 115, across from the Pleasant Valley Middle School. Worship service is every Sunday at 10:15 a.m.

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