A convenience store in Bowmanstown is under new ownership.

Pappy's Corner Store, located at 600 White Street, is now run by Kedar Kankia, who took over ownership on Sept. 13.

Kankia, of Bowmanstown, said the store is in the process of expanding its groceries to include more food.

He said the store has a fully functional deli that features luncheon meat, hot sandwiches, hoagies, and other products. It also sells lottery tickets.

In addition, Pappy's delivers to customers who live within a five-minute radius of the store.

"My plan is to make it like a one-stop deal for customers," Kankia said. "I'm trying to make it a destination point for the community."

Kankia said it was especially important to him that his business distance itself from the store's former owner.

Bhaskarbhai Patel, of Ben Salem, who previously owned the store, recently appeared in district court on a charge of the indecent assault of a customer, as well as harassment.

But, the charges against Patel were dismissed on Wednesday by District Judge William Kissner of Palmerton after the alleged victim failed to show up for court.

Patel was the owner of the store at the time the alleged incident occurred in June.

Kankia said it's important to him that customers know that the new ownership has nothing to do with the previous owner.

"Also, we extend our deepest apologies to the customer who was the victim of the incident," he said. "We believe that nobody deserves to feel threatened when they shop at our store."

Pappy's Corner Store is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.