Four persons were charged following a domestic incident at a Schuylkill County residence.

State police at Schuylkill Haven said the incident occurred about 1:50 p.m. on Aug. 22 at 688 Deturksville Road, Pine Grove, in Washington Township.

Troopers said at the time and date stated Clarence Wetzel, 41, confronted his son, Clarence Wetzel Jr., 19, about loud music that he was playing. The elder Wetzel forced open a locked bedroom door, which struck Jessica Hettler, 18, of Pine Grove, in the stomach. The younger Wetzel retaliated by pushing his father.

Troopers said a 16-year-old female then attempted to break up the fight and was pushed into a wall and slapped in the face by elder Wetzel. The 16-year-old female then retaliated by pushing Wetzel back.

Trooper said Melissa Currey, 28, of Pine Gove, then pushed and struck the 16-year-old female, who retaliated by punching Currey in the face.

As a result of all this troopers cited Clarence Wetzel, Clarence Wetzel Jr., Melissa Currey, and the 16-year-old female with harassment.