Dear Editor:

If my memory serves me right, I think you spoke about our "throwaway" society that we have become. Well, I would like to add a few highlights from my personal experience over the years and just recently. Long ago I had a car break down, and when I called the mechanic he said, "Oh, that's one of those "throwaway" engines that you replace after 40,000 miles!" Coming up to this past week, my daughter said my computer of 10 years is too old and must be replaced! It gets better as I go along. Today, my wife received her new "Jitterbug" cell phone. However, it wasn't the one she ordered (just last week) was obsolete, so they sent the "newer one." Well due to my wife's arthritic hands she could not handle the "newer one."

On another note, the gospel quartet that I sing with (Joyful Noise) visits assisted living and convalescent homes for the elderly, where we see beautiful people that have "outlived their usefulness and became obsolete" and were dropped off by families and forgotten!

In closing, since Roe versus Wade, people have disposed of a life that was "in the way", perhaps we will soon see people over 65 who don't quality for a heart transplant or knee replacement given a Kevorkian pill because they too have become "obsolete."

Richard M. Gross