What if your family moved since last Christmas. Would Santa Claus be able to find you in your new house?

Denise Smale of Kresgeville tries to answer that question in her newest children's book, "Santa I Moved!"

Smale wrote and illustrated "Santa I Moved!" and is now promoting it locally. She recently visited the Western Pocono Community Library where she read both her books during the Children's Story Hour and was the guest at a Lunch with the Author. She thanks Carol Kern, the library's director, for her support over the last few years in her endeavors.

"I've always wanted to write but couldn't come up with ideas. Since I became a mother, now I have ideas all the time. Before I fall asleep at night, I can lay there and write a book," she says.

She always loved to draw and when she writes, she has a vision of what she'd like her illustrations to be.

For her first children's book "What If the Sun Didn't Rise?", her nephew, Ryan Blowars helped her with the illustrations. But she did all of the art work in watercolor and acrylics for "Santa I Moved." It took about nine months to complete.

The titles come to her first and then she writes the content from that.

The idea for the first book came from questions a 2-year-old might ask. For "Santa I Moved!" the idea came from a question her one son asked her. She included her two sons' names and their wishes on the "Nice List" in the book.

"It's not an easy thing to do to get a book published. There are so many rejections and includes a small fortune in stamps and postage, and many times, no one ever reads it," she says.

But, she perseveres because, "It's fun. And now I get to go out and about and read to little kids."

While she believes e-books are great, "I think with small children, books are better. It's something they can pick up and page back and forth to look at the pictures. I love writing children's books."

After reading both her books to the children, she helped both children and adults to write their own books and draw their own illustrations. They all thought it was great fun.

Smale lives with her husband, Richard and their two sons, Jack, 7 and Sam, 5, in Kresgeville. She is originally from Martins Creek.