The Carbon County Office of Planning and development will be getting a new copier.

On Thursday, commissioners approved a purchase/service agreement with Edwards Business Systems for a Konica Minolta Bizhub C454 color copier for $8,295. The service/parts/labor/toner will be billed quarterly at $0.0100 for a black and white copy and at $0.0700 for a color copy.

In other matters, commissioners approved a banner request from Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary for a Butterfly Celebration on May 25-27. The banner will be hung from May 11-13 they also approved the use of the gazebo at Josiah White Park for the wedding of Tiffany Frankino and Shawn Lynch from 3:30-5 p.m. Sept. 27;

As part of the public meeting, Gerhard and Nothstein urged legislation that would cap the prevailing wage ceiling at $189,000, up from the current $25,000.

The two had attended an April 15 rally in Harrisburg to push for legislation to prevailing wage reform.

Now, the law, enacted in 1961, requires local governments to pay prevailing minimum wage to workers on any public-funded projects that cost at least $25,000.

"Prevailing wage hasn't been addressed since 1962," Gerhard said. "Anytime a project goes over $25,000, the county is required to pay prevailing wage. It's cost taxpayers millions of dollars. We're asking our legislators to please consider raising that ceiling cap from $25,000 to $189,000."

Nothstein said the meeting included

"When you think about the prevailing wage, and the cost of doing it ... it not only affects us at the county level, but it affects our taxpayers," Nothstein said.