Fifty-eight scouts with the Tamaqua Girl and Boy Scouts took part in their second annual egg drop challenge over the weekend at the Hometown Farmers Market.

Scouts had to protect their eggs within a Chinese food takeout container.

Some methods and ingredients used to prevent cracking were peanut butter, spray foam, super glue, bubble wrap, cotton balls, popcorn, sponges, Jell-O, memory foam, gummy bears, diapers, marshmallows, flour, sugar, pizza dough, pudding and doughnut crumbs.

Girl Scout Service Unit Manager and egg drop coordinator Nancy Paisley expressed her appreciation to all the Scouts, family members and the Farmers Market. She also thanked Sean Hegarty for donating his time and bucket truck for the event.

Nineteen eggs survived the 25-foot drop. Nine survived the 30-foot drop. Six survived the 35-foot drop. Two eggs eventually survived the final 40-foot descent. Boy Scout Robert Welsh and Girl Scout Kylie Greenzweig tied for first.