Some of the changes forthcoming as a result of the Safe Drinking Water Act which takes effect Jan. 4, 2014 were addressed by Dave Linden of RIO Supply Inc. during the Nesquehoing Water Authority meeting Monday night.

Under the new act anything that touches water must have no more than .25 percent lead content.

Linden made a presentation on new residential meters to authority members.

The new meters contain no lead alloys and will allow meter reading from a mobile unit inside of a water authority vehicle.

All meters that are installed after January of 2014 will need to meet the new standards.

In other matters, authority members passed a corporate resolution of authority for loan settlement paperwork that needs to be signed.

The authority is seeking a $51,000 loan from the Jim Thorpe National Bank to cover costs of the new water tank project that are not covered under grant funds.

Additionally, to meet billing requirements for the month, the authority utilized a line of credit to make required disbursements until the loan proceeds are in place.

Authority members voted to name Mark Lopata as the construction liaison for the water tank project.