Joseph Greco, 2nd Assistant Chief of American Fire Co. No. 1, Lansford, offers these tips on preventing brush fires:

Ÿ Be sure that smoking materials are disposed of properly, such as in a fire-resistant containers. Do not throw them on the ground or into vegetation.

Ÿ If you have a campfire or bonfire, it should be attended at all times, and be sure it is completely out.

Ÿ Avoid burning on windy, dry days. When conditions are windy or dry, it is too easy for open burning to spread out of control.

Ÿ Leave fireworks to the professionals.

Ÿ Keep matches and lighters away from children.

Ÿ Check with your municipality on outdoor burning restrictions and/or requirements.

Ÿ Never use gasoline or other flammable or combustible liquids to burn brush or trash.