Recycling is back for Franklin Township residents.

The new recycling bins from Solomon Container Service of Wilkes-Barre arrived on Monday and were placed next to the blue bins which are to be removed by Carbon County. Solomon dropped off six orange containers.

Franklin Township supervisors signed a one-year agreement with Solomon to provide single stream recycling to the residents of the township. The service will be provided at no cost to the township.

Rod Green, chairman, said that residents do not need to separate their recycling items and that more items will be accepted, such as all plastic from one to seven and cardboard, including the cardboard material that makes up cereal boxes.

"Anything plastic with the triangle is accepted," said Green. "Carbon County's loss is Franklin Township's gain. We have found a new recycling company that now accepts more products and is all done in a single stream."

Supervisors, however, are concerned about people dumping off garbage.

"If it becomes a problem we will consider putting up video cameras," said Byron Long, supervisor.

Green also noted that presently there are six containers which will be emptied about once a week.

"We can have more if they are needed and if they are not, then some will be taken away," said Long. "With more products being accepted for recycling, there should be less garbage to pay off in tipping fees."

Green said that the township is also making arrangements to host an electronic recycling event.

"We need to have a secure area for electronic recycling," said Green.

Green also noted that the township should have lowered tipping fees. Franklin Township is one of the few communities in the county which hauls it's own trash.

"When this all started, we paid an extra $4 per ton at the landfill that was supposed to go toward the recycling program," said Green. "We want to know if that fee is coming off since the county is not presently offering recycling to Franklin Township."

Carbon County Commissioner Wayne Nothstein said that he has to check on that.

"I don't know to what extent we are involved in recycling," said Nothstein. "We'll have to see where this goes. We're not sure of the regulations and what is tied to the fee."

Nothstein said he recently talked to commissioners of Pike County who recently closed their recycling program.

"There are still people to pay and actually we're in the revision process," said Nothstein. "We'll have to see. I'm not sure."

Solomon will take newspaper and newspaper inserts, magazines and catalogs, all junk mail and envelopes, cardboard (break down boxes), office and school paper (all colors), phone books, cereal and cracker boxes, brown paper sacks and bags, aluminum, steel and tin cans, glass bottles and jars, plastics 1 through 7 (bottles, cups, plastic food containers, tubs, bowls, yogurt cups and margarine/whip cream tubs), plastic milk jugs and paper milk cartons, and juice box and other paper cartons.

Solomon will not accept garbage, food waste, food tainted items (used paper plates and pizza boxes), paper towels or napkins, aluminum foil, Styrofoam cups/plates or packaging, aerosol cans, propane tanks or helium tanks or batteries.

Solomon Container Service has more than 35 years experience in the waste industry. It is a division of Municipal Recovery Inc., which is a full service recycling facility which provides recycling services for industrial and retail businesses.