Italian performer and artist Alberto Galligani entertained a crowd recently during his one-man Italian comedy and theater show held recently at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center.

The show, titled "The Decameron," was comprised of a tapestry of 14th century human comedy. "The Decameron", also called "Prince Galehaut," is a 14th-century medieval allegory by Gio Vanni Boccaccio, told as a frame story encompassing 100 tales by 10 young people.

The show included bawdy tales of love in era, ranging from the erotic to the tragic.

Galligani's performance involved tales of wit, practical jokes and life lessons contribute to the mosaic. In addition to its literary import, it documents life in 14th-century Italy.

The basic plots of his stories included mocking the lust and greed of the clergy; tensions in Italian society between the new wealthy commercial class and noble families; as well as the perils and adventures of traveling merchants.

Center coordinator Leona Rega and director Micah Gursky stated the center's appreciation to Galligani, his assistant Lauren MacLaughlin and all the center volunteers who helped make the event a success. For more information about the center and its free events, go to [1]