Friends and family held a fitting benefit show recently for Erica Dolan, 24, from Tamaqua, who passed away Aug. 4 when her car went off the Lentz Trail in Jim Thorpe and struck a tree broadside.

The benefit show, titled "A Fitting Show For Erica," and themed after the Rocky Horror Picture Show, was attended by many and held at the Angela Theater in Coaldale. She was well known for frequenting and participating in these vibrant shows, jumping up and acting out parts of the show.

Dolan, the mother of a 2 year old boy, Zakk, was active in a number pf organizations in and around Tamaqua, to include the Tamaqua Leo Club, the Tamaqua Lions Club, Tamaqua Library, American Legion, American Cancer Society and others.

Monetary donations were accepted in place of the regular show cost in support of Zakk. One of Erica's closest friends, Corey Thompson, known by Erica as Raven, even flew in from Las Vegas to perform in the benefit show. Participating in the show were Toni Girard playing Frank, Chris Opresto playing Brad, Corey Thompson playing Riff Raff, Nicole Stoves playing Mags, Austin Gladd playing Rocky, Jen Hahn playing Columbia, Michelle Stark playing Eddie and Steven Houser playing Dr. Scott. Other cast members present but not performing that evening were Andy Girard and Pinkie McLean.

Before the show, the cast came together on stage to sing Erica's favorite song "525,600 Minutes" from the movie RENT. Following their performance, organizers showed a video of Erica put together by Corey Thompson and Corey Meyers, Zakk's father.

Hand crafted safety pin jewelry with red and black beads were also given to those attending the benefit show. These pins were made by Erica a while back and given out at the show.

After the show, each cast member hugged Sue Dolan, Erica's mother, who also attended the benefit show.

Sue stressed her appreciation to everyone involved in the benefit show, whether performing or attending.