Hurricane Sandy uprooted a giant maple tree, which was likely the oldest tree in Franklin Township.

The tree has a circumference of 11 feet, three inches.

The tree stood along Indian Hill Road for at least a century, noted Larry Markley, who heard the tree fall about 8 p.m. Monday night when it struck the corner of his home at 238 Indian Hill Road. The only damage was a crinkled rain gutter on the corner of the sprawling home.

Markley said that the tree was there when he built his home.

"I'm concerned about the phone wires that provide service to my neighbors along Indian Hill Road," he said. His electric service has not been interrupted.

When the tree fell it tore down wires strung from poles in front of his home, including a bundle of wires that Markley believes serves telephone and cable services.

"I can't get in the front door of my home," he said. "I'm waiting for word from the insurance company to see what I can do."