Concourse Club of Palmerton member Marlyn Kissner, left, introduced her sister-in-law, Susan Bella, owner of Susan Bella Jewelry, LLC of Allentown. She says she heartily approved of her brother's choice in a wife and is proud to have her in the family. Susan explained that she grew up in her mother's jewelry story and learned from the best, who taught her the importance of customer service. When her mother retired, she took over the store, remodeled and redesigned it to make it her own and says her customers are a part of her family. She loves to redesign jewelry and likes to make special memories come to life. She brought several items for the women to see in case they wanted to do a little Christmas shopping. New members Joan Przasnyski, Sandy Hook, Lisa Green, Linda Adiletto and Kristina Weiner were also welcomed at the meeting. If interested in joining the Concourse Club, contact Joan Turko, membership chairwoman, at (610) 826-2716. The Concourse Club has been serving the Palmerton community since 1915 and provides scholarships to Palmerton Area High School senior girls selected as Guiding Stars. Coming soon will be the Concourse Club's Christmas House Tour on Dec. 8.