Jim Thorpe police reported the arrest of a borough teen for robbery.

Police said Michael John Hickey, 18, of 533 North St., Apt. 2, has been charged with robbery, a felony two, theft and receiving stolen property, both misdemeanor ones.

According to police on July 21 police were contacted by a 17-year-old male and his parents of a theft incident. The teen said he was at a friend's house at 536 South Ave., early on July 21. About 2 a.m. Hickey asked the alleged victim to step outside. Outside Hickey demanded the teen turn over his mobile AT&T phone and threatened him with physical harm if he didn't. The teen said Hickey then told him not to tell police or he would suffer the consequences. The value of the phone was $400.

On July 23 police interviewed Hickey who denied any wrongdoing.

On Aug. 21 a arrest warrant was issued for Hickey. On Sept. 13 he was arraigned on the charges, police said.