Members of the Beltzville Lions Club have adopted the upkeep of Lock 13 at Parryville in the Lehigh Canal Park as its long term club project.

Dennis Scholl, Outreach Coordinator for the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, Inc., 2750 Hugh Moore Park Road, Easton, asked the Beltzville Lions Club to consider adopting the area as its project to continue the work that was started to make the area a nice public relaxation area.

Scholl said that Lock `13 is historic and especially scenic. The lock is at the jointure of the Pohopoco Creek into the Lehigh River.

Last spring, Beltzville Lions Club members cleaned the area of debris, installed a picnic table and benches and planted six trees.

"Over the years the Trail Tenders have worked to get the site to the point it is today," said Scholl. "When. I heard there were some trees down at Lock 13 as the result of a storm several weeks ago, I visited the area after the trail dedication across the river."

Scholl said that several trees are down and the area has gotten overgrown and does not look very inviting, he said.

"I am hoping the Beltzville Lions would consider adopting Lock 13 as a site to maintain on a permanent basis," said Scholl.

Scholl said the area is a mess, but with a regular maintenance schedule, Lock 13 should be fairly easy to maintain in good appearance.

Scholl recently met with members and shared his thoughts on what needs to be done.

"The Beltzville Lions have a bunch of good workers and access to equipment that I don't have," he said. "So I think it would be a good relationship."

When Scholl and representatives of the Beltzville Lions met, the Lions accepted the challenge.

Several large trees are down and there is a pole and a tree wedged into the lock, which needs immediate attention and the pathway has completely overgrown so that it is completely inaccessible.

"I see our work here at Lock 13 as our club's legacy," said Tom Zellner, club member. "I would like to see our club take on this project and continue it for generations."

Also taking part in the meeting were Joe Craig, club president; and Bob Maholick.

Craig noted that the Beltzville Lions Club will seek to mentor any volunteers who want to help at the site.

"We're thinking of doing the heavy work and asking the Boy Scouts and anyone who needs to comply with community service to assist us, such as with dragging branches," said Craig.

Anyone interested in being part of the project is asked to call 610-377-5559.

The club is hoping to have work dates during the first two weekends in November, weather permitting.