The Palmerton Memorial Park is doing its part for going green. And it has 16 new reasons for people to picnic in the park. They are 16 new composite picnic tables, made from recycled milk jugs.

Larry Arner, manager of Palmerton Memorial Park says the Palmerton Pool Association purchased them at a cost of $694 a piece. But they are maintenance free and should last a very long time.

"The old wooden ones just couldn't be repaired any more. The older medal ones are now placed throughout the park area and will receive new paint," says Arner.

The new tables are under the park pavilion.

"We're asking if anyone would like to sponsor a table to offset the cost. You could give a $500 donation and sponsor a table in yours or someone's name," he says.

If interested, contact Arner at 610-826-5910.

Arner says he's been busy removing the 15 fallen trees that came down in the park from Hurricane Sandy in areas where the public can see them but there are more in the surrounding wooded area. He's happy to report that they caused no damage to any of the park buildings.