Dianna Russell moved into the former Church Schoolhouse next door to the Gilbert Cemetery in 1998. Since they were there she, her mother Janet and a daughter have enjoyed the company of people from the past. A son has not seen or talked to them.

"When we moved in we had an Episcopal priest bless the house," said Russell.

Her daughter began seeing things when she was young, said Janet of her granddaughter.

Janet said the people she saw in the kitchen were "as real as you are." It was a stormy, summer day. I was making dinner and told him, a tall thin man, to "Go away," and he did. But he came back.

"I asked him if he was hungry," and he disappeared, she said.

There were a number of paranormal investigations done.

"We have images and recordings of people talking. One is of a man in a top hat and long coat. Two cameras caught the images. Both have the same man walking alongside the cemetery - shadowy figures," said Dianna.

Of the few things she can understand are someone saying "Sit down," which could be a school teacher. "Come back" was said in a sad voice and "Help me" in a creepy whisper. The recordings have to be speeded up or slowed down to be understandable.

She had heard that graves along the edge of the cemetery were suicides. Henry Shupp is buried in the grave in what she calls her front yard, said Dianna.

We have regular experiences with voices and people talking. We can't hear what they are saying but there is the sound of people talking and walking.

The two, Dianna and Janet, say there are never negative vibes and there is no fear.

"We co-habitat. They do their thing and we do our thing," said Dianna.

When she was renovating the kitchen the visitors apparently did not like the plastic over the doors that prevented dust from traveling throughout the house. A 10-penny nail dropped to the floor though no work was being done at the ceiling.

"I promised I'd get things back to normal and they quieted down," Dianna said.

What surprises her is the amount of activity in the new part of the house that was an addition. She wonders what happened behind the schoolhouse.

"We live with them and they live with us," said Dianna. They are careful not to assume that every bump in the night is a ghost.