Two hundred area Army national guardsmen are currently on assignment in Brooklyn, New York helping hundreds of thousands affected by hurricane Sandy.

Last week national guard troops from throughout eastern Pennsylvania mustered at the Armory in Easton to help in the relief effort.

Lt. Daisi Eyerly, commander of the 226th Charlie company told The TIMES NEWS her unit was taking part in Operation Sandy along with almost 3,000 other troops. The troops were under direction of New York's Mayor, Michael Bloomburg.

The operation was based at the Floyd Bennett Airfield in southeast Brooklyn One of the airstrips is being used for the troops to bivouac while the other runways are being utilized for the rationing of fuel to area residents.

Lt. Eyerly stated the unit transferred 125 vehicles to the site, many being fueling tankers. Eyerly reported the military supplied 36 tankers while another 20 tankers were civilian. The lieutenant boasted of supplying almost 400,000 gallons of fuel to vehicles from throughout New York and New Jersey.

The unit formed three refueling lines along a runway. Two were for gasoline while the third filled up vehicles using diesel fuel. The operation went 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Personnel vehicles as well as municipal were filled for the asking.

On one portion of the runway FEMA operated a section with almost 400 ambulances staging if needed. Military and ambulance convoys, some with as many as 30 to 40 vehicles all had police escorts from the command center throughout New York city and the surrounding areas.

Lt Eyerly stated the operation will soon be transferred over to the civilian sector.