Kidder Township Police Chief Matthew R. Kuzma spent Wednesday evening addressing a group of potential new police recruits. The boys of Cub Scout Pack 597 gathered at the township municipal building to hear Kuzma speak about the duties and responsibilities of the township police force.

"The boys are earning their Bear badges," said den leader Sue Fezenko. "One of the requirements is to visit a local police station and learn first-hand about crime prevention."

Kuzma, familiar with the inquisitive minds of young boys, had plenty of visual aids on hand for the group. The demonstration included day to day gear like hand cuffs, and less used items, such as riot gear.

"He passed everything around, except for the guns and Tasers so that they could touch them and feel how they felt. That is important to kids; they get a better sense of things that way," said Fezenko.

Kuzma fielded some interesting questions from the group.

"If the guy is wearing a bulletproof vest and you can't shoot him, do you use blow darts?" asked Rudy Johnson.

Kuzma said "no" to the blow darts, but he did explain how the officers would adjust their tactics to address different situations that might come up during a pursuit.

The group collectively wanted to know what it felt like to be hit by a Taser gun.

"It hurts very, very much. But it stops hurting the minute the current stops," was Kuzma's response.

During the police chief's discussion about collecting evidence at a crime scene, Matthew Fezenko raised his hand and waited to be called on.

"My mom knows all about this, she watches NCIS," bragged Fezenko. He also finished with, "I have a compliment for you this is awesome!"

When asked if she thought her son might want to be a police officer after seeing his reaction to Kuzma's demonstration, den leader Fezenko said, "It would certainly be better than being a video gamer, which is what he said he wants to be."

"All of the parents thought he (Kuzma) was great," added Sue Fezenko. "He managed to keep them involved the whole time, which is tough with 8-year-olds. I know that they really enjoyed it."

"We are going to finish up with a tour of the police station and if you guys are good, we will also go out and see a police car," said Kuzma.

The blaring of police car sirens 10 minutes later would indicate that they were very well behaved.