A Tamaqua area man was among those whose parole was revoked following hearings held in the Schuylkill County Court.

Joseph Franz, 25,of 190 Lincoln Drive,Tamaqua R.D., had his parole revoked by President Judge William E. Baldwin and was recommitted to the county prison to serve out the balance of his sentence and his 370 days of liberty is disallowed and shall be added to his maximum sentence.

Franz pleaded guilty in September 2011 to charges of criminal trespass, simple assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct and after serving time was released on probation. He was given credit for spending 58 days in prison and was told the court will not consider an application for parole for six months.

Stephanie Anne Chamberlin, 38, Pottsville, had her probation revoked by Baldwin and she was re-sentenced to serve three to 12 months in the county prison on charges of receiving stolen property, criminal conspiracy, and criminal mischief.

She had pleaded guilty to the charges in March 2011 and was put on probation by Judge Jacqueline Russell but she violated the term and it was revoked and she served 18 days in prison and was again released on probation. This was the second violation.

Also, her probation was revoked on a charge of attempting to acquire drugs from a pharmacy with a fake prescription and was re-sentenced to serve one to 23 months in the county prison with the sentence to begin at the expiration of the first sentence.

Eileen G. Bobb, 47, Shenandoah, had her parole revoked by Judge John E. Domalakes and was recommitted to the county prison and is not eligible to apply for parole for six months, unless she is accepted into an inpatient mental health or drug rehabilitation programs. She received credit for serving 52 days in prison but her 146 days of liberty were disallowed and added to her maximum date for release, Sept. 16, 2013.

Bobb pleaded guilty last April 12 to charges of obstructing administration of law and giving false and misleading statements. She was cited by Trooper Bernard J. Walasavage.