The congregants at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Albrightsville gathered together Sunday morning to celebrate Anna Moser, who has served the small parish as a worship leader/organist for nearly 60 years. Sunday's service was dedicated to Moser.

One of nine children, Moser attended the same church with her family. On Sunday, many family members were present, which helped to fill the church to capacity.

After the service the Rev. Doug Holtz, pastor, asked Moser to point out her family members. She pointed to someone in almost every row.

"I did the math, and I figure you played about 2,800 services over the years, and that's not counting choir rehearsals, weddings or funerals," quipped Rev. Holtz.

"I didn't play many weddings, but I liked playing the funerals. They usually stick with the older hymns which I really love to play" said Moser.

"I had taken piano lessons for a few years and when I was able to play the hymns, I was asked to play in church. Back in those days it was mostly hymns. Today there is a lot of liturgy, preludes and anthems, all of which I learned to play in a hurry. I have gotten better at it through the years," Moser said regarding how she came to start her service to St. Paul's.

"Back then it was a pump organ. I'm little and that took a lot of work," she said.

"We have been blessed to have Anna as our organist all these years; she has been an inspiration to us all," was the sentiment of church council President Cathy Fitting.

"It was amazing how faithful her service was leading the service every Sunday. Just thinking of the generations she has served is a testament to her faith and perseverance," Holtz said.

"The Lord has blessed me to overflowing," said Moser, "with my family of three and seven wonderful grandchildren and now four great-grandsons all healthy and beautiful. I couldn't ask for more. If I could turn back the clock, I would be willing to do it all over again."

Moser was presented with a plaque commemorating her years of service to St. Paul's. The church service was followed by a luncheon at the Albrightsville Volunteer Fire House.

The church is looking for an organist to take Moser's place. Anyone interested can contact Holtz at St. Paul's.