When the members of Carbon County, Pa., helps Sea Bright, N.J., pulled into Sea Bright on Saturday, it wasn't long before word spread through the town of the group's efforts.

In addition to residents, volunteers, National Guard troops and state police from various states, one unlikely visitor helped boost everyone's moral.

That visitor was rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

"Someone told me to go into the fire house because Bon Jovi was there; we didn't believe them," said Kira Michalik, one of the organizers.

The singer, who was born in Perth Amboy, N.J., was making his way around to all the hurricane-battered communities to show his support of the people of New Jersey.

After learning about the efforts of Carbon County, Bon Jovi asked to see the trailer.

As he approached, members of the group told him about what they had done, and introduced him to the man behind the mission, Kevin Steber.

Bon Jovi took a number of pictures with the group and stayed for a while, talking to people and helping them off the truck. Many posted their photos on Facebook.

Franklin Klock, one of the organizers, said that visit really helped the volunteers because everyone was tired and the energy was beginning to drag.

"Our energy level just exploded when he came over," he said.

Steber, who began the donation collection by posting on Facebook, added that he was impressed because Bon Jovi stayed and talked for quite some time.

"He hung out for a while, took photos, and helped people," he said. "He was just one of us that day. He may have not lifted the boxes or sorted the donations, but he helped that operation and he doesn't even realize it."

Klock said that it was a good feeling knowing the Bon Jovi, as well as others in the community knew the story of what Carbon County was doing.

"Carbon County meant something that day," he said. "That was neat."