The Lehighton Police Department is asking all residents of not only Lehighton borough, but all areas, to be aware of any possible scams related to the recent storm.

These include but are not limited to contractors, responding on site, and phone calls asking for donations.

Over the next few weeks, there will be people using the storm for personal gain, said Lehighton Police Chief Neal Ebbert. He warned, "Never give someone cash up front for the job, and make sure you are satisfied with the work before you make full payment. Do not give personal information over the phone."

If you have damage to your home or business, do not let persons in that you are not familiar with, and always ask for identification if you don't know the person or you may think that the person is attempting to scam you.

Ask questions, ask for references. In the past, home owners have been distracted by one person, usually asking them to walk outside or to another area of your home, to look at the area that needs repairing, and then another person will go through your home.

If you need to walk outside, be sure your doors are locked. Use local, well known contractors to repair any damage. This will put your mind at ease and it help local contractors.

If you do see any suspicious activity, take not of the type of vehicle being used and description of the actors. Also keep an eye on your neighbor's property.

Report and and all activities to your local department by calling 911.

"Working together is one way we can combat this type of criminal behavior," said Ebbert.