The speaker at the Memorial Day weekend service at St. Joseph's Cemetery in the White Bear section of Summit Hill paid tribute to local soldiers who died in combat.

Carbon County Commissioner William O'Gurek mentioned fellow St. Joseph's Church parishioner Airman George M. Bevich Jr., "Carbon County's first casualty of the Vietnam War."

He spoke of the five World War II soldiers buried in the St. Joseph's Cemetery where the service was held: Sgt. Bernard McDermott, Pvt. Daniel Bonner, T/Sgt. William Hoben, Pvt. John Boyle, and T/Sgt. Robert Bonner. He also mentioned Cpl. Kenneth Breslin, killed in Korea, and John McArdle, who died in Arabia.

"We can never be grateful enough to the men and women who are directly responsible for the United States being what it is today - the greatest nation in the world, and the home of the free," O'Gurek said.

An estimated 300 people attended the Memorial Service at the White Bear Cemetery.

At the service, O'Gurek spoke of his father, Joseph, "who not only dedicatedly fought for our country, he was extremely proud to be a veteran."

The speaker remarked, "As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, I urge you to remember its significance. Where the tests of courage have been tried in many world conflicts, our veterans have stood tall. When adversaries left us no choice, our brave men and women stood ready to risk their lives in pursuit of world peace."

During the service, Jack Gilbert, a student at Our Lady of the Angels Academy in Lansford, read the Gettysburg Address. Courtney McCall offered General John A. Morgan Logan's Memorial Day Order.

"Flander's Field" was presented by Nicole Collevechio.

The Star Spangled Banner was sung by Kiley Boswell.

Summit Hill Mayor Paul McArdle did a special presentation regarding Prisoners of War.

The Honor Guard of the Summit Hill American Legion Post gave the Memorial Day salute.