Customers are the number one reason why Country View Diner owners are so happy.

"If it wouldn't be for my customers, I wouldn't be here," said Laura Zacharias, with a smile. "Most of my customers stop by every day."

Ten years ago, Laura found herself unemployed when the previous owner closed the restaurant. She had been a waitress since 1994.

So without a job and after some discussion, she and her fiance, David Zacharias, (at the time), decided to take the restaurant over.

Last weekend Laura and David, who is her husband, and their many customers, celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of Country View Diner.

Country View Diner at 6965 Interchange Road is a happy place to dine. The restaurant has a John Deere tractor theme that sets it apart from any other restaurant and it features some of the best home cooked food you'll ever taste.

Country View is more than just a place to have a cup of coffee, some eggs or an entire dinner, it's a second home for some folks.

"I have learned a lot and made a few mistakes along the way," said Laura. "My husband and I have put in many long hours and have invested hard work into our business. We owe a lot of appreciation to my father-in-law, Wilbert Zacharias for his guidance, hard work and advice."

She noted that her days are busy with running a business and her husband works a full-time job. In addition to all that, the couple is also raising four boys, Travis, 18, Jared, 10 and 4-year-old twins, Adam and Connor.

"In these economic times, I find it very difficult to keep things moving along," she noted. "But I am very fortunate to have so many dedicated customers. To me, that is what it is all about. I believe that people should be able to take their families out for a decent, affordable meal. Our older generation who are on fixed incomes should also have the same opportunity."

At Country View Diner, customers can find reasonably priced breakfasts, sandwiches and dinners that are tasty, appealing and are served by a staff who cares.

"I have learned so much about running a business from my customers," she said. "Their opinions do matter."

At Country View Diner, customers will find selections on the menu that will satiate their appetites and bring them back again and again. She often takes her customer's suggestions and puts their requests on the menu.

"I try my best to make it possible for everyone to afford going out to eat," she said.

Country View Diner is very family oriented. They keep a very clean and organized establishment. When you enter, you'll feel like you are at home.

Laura explained that the John Deere tractor theme began by accident when her mother-in-law purchased a John Deere tractor clock when the restaurant opened. Laura and customers continue to add to the collection.

You'll see a large number of John Deere items with the familiar green and yellow displayed throughout the restaurant.

"It's a great conversation piece when people stop in for the first time," she said. "The tractor theme compliments our view overlooking the George's farm."

Laura said, "I can't say enough about my customers. I've been here for 18 years total and I am surely grateful to have met so many wonderful people."

She said that people have told her that they have met their best friends, made many new friends and even their husbands or wives at Country View Diner.

"We continue to talk about those who have passed on over coffee," she said. "We say, this is the place where good friends and good food meet."

Country View is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily for breakfast and lunch, with extended hours on Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinners daily.

Reservations are not necessary, but if anyone wants to have space saved for a large crowd, they can call ahead at (610) 377-7885.