Gov. Tom Corbett recently signed two House bills into law which were introduced by the State Nurses Association (PSNA) to Rep. Jim Cox and Sen. David Argall, who sponsored the legislation.

The legislation assures quality patient care by licensed professionals by protecting the title of "Nurse" to those educated and holding a license to practice in the Commonwealth. In addition, it avoids misrepresentation among the public from individuals who are unlicensed, and avoids inaccurate or even dangerous advice that could be given to a patient by an unlicensed professional.

These bills were passed in the House by 193-0 and the Senate by a vote of 49-0.

"We commend Rep. Cox and Sen. Argall for their commitment to Pennsylvania's nurses," stated PSNA Chief Executive Officer Betsy M. Snook, MEd, BSN, RN. "The General Assembly and the governor understand that the misuse of the title 'Nurse' can pose a serious threat to patient care, trust and safety. We applaud their overwhelming support of this legislation."

According to the 2011 Gallup poll, nurses continue to outrank other professions in the annual "Honesty and Ethics" survey. Eighty-one percent of Americans say nurses have very-high or high honesty and ethical standards. Therefore, when someone says they are a nurse, it carries with it the underpinning of honesty and integrity.

The PSNA is the non-profit voice for nurses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Representing more than 208,000 nurses, the Association works to be essential in advancing, promoting and supporting the profession of nursing to improve health for all in the Commonwealth.